bloodied_x_up (bloodied_x_up) wrote,

I hate when I'm all
self conscious and crap
and I met a
pretty amazing boy
but I'm all worried
that I just suck
and he'll leave
because well I do suck
but he makes me super happy
and we do all the
stuff that I've wanted
to be able to do with a boy
and we watch little kids movies
and I just act like a gooff ball
with him and stuff and I'm just
happy when ever I talk to him
and see him and stuff
now I just sound even lamer.
I don't know.
I really hope it doesnt turn
out to be no one month crap
I really want this to last a longggggggtime
On another not my mum is hireing people
to finish out house
so she can put it up on the market in
like the next like 3 weeks or whatever.
ATM I don't want to move.
I don't know. =/
I'm just a sad mess right now.

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