bloodied_x_up (bloodied_x_up) wrote,

Wow, sooo I love how my friends treat me like shit
half the time.
Tell me friend not to say shit about one of my best friends.
Just because I used to date him TWO FUCKING YEARS AGO!
and he is 21 now and I'm 16.
Oh he is SO gross.
Is it gross for a 21yr old to date a 26 yr old?
Nope, not really.
Yet it's gross for a 21yr old to date some one
that is 16.
Fucking gay!
So after I tell him to shut his mouth
since he was being rude
he wont talk to me and just
wont answer
I say if you aren't going to talk to me
then I am just going to hang up.
Sooo he is all like well I'll do it for you
and hangs up on me!
I don't say SHIT about any of his friends
yet he can trash talk a kid he has never
fucking met before and I can't get pissed
when the kid that he is saying shit about
is the reason I am FUCKING ALIVE
Well I guess the kid is just such a horrid person
and so gross.
Yeahh well if he never dated me and everything
then I wouldn't be alive.
So get the fuck over it.
I guess I'm better off dead then.
And a lot of my other friends are just
being wicked shallow and never there.
I can't wait till I'm fucking GONE!
and I won't have to deal with this shit.
Make new friends and stop being nice.
When I move I'm going to act like a bitch I know it.
Not let anyone in. Fuck it. Don't care.
I hope everyone fucking hates me.
If they do I wont have to deal with there
fucking bull shit all the time
well I'm done.
My day went to fucking shit.
Tomorrow will be fucking amazing though.
TOC! with FRANK because he is AMAZING!

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