bloodied_x_up (bloodied_x_up) wrote,

My night was amazing.
Went to Nicks house at like
But he wouldent answer his door or phone.
And his parents werent there to answer.
So I left and came back.
At like noon.
And Mike was there.
And we hung out and then Taighe
came to pick us up and bring us to Corys.
And so Nick, Mike, Taighe, and Cory
where at corys and then Ricky showed up.
Then they had band practice.
They were pretty good.
But I guess they were having an off day.
Then we all went to Amandas house.
And hung out there all day.
I took a nice nap.
And we went to some mexican place for food.
And Nick and I cuddled alot.
It made me happy.<3
Then Nick brought me home.
And Then I picked Val up.
And now I'm updating and Val just got off the phone
Nighttttt loserrrrrs

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