bloodied_x_up (bloodied_x_up) wrote,

In the late afternoon I got a call from my mum telling me that my Nanny was put in the hospital this morning. Jeff (mums brother) thought at first that she was having a heart attack. Later they found out it wasn't a heart attack at all. She has a very sever and strong case of pneumonia. As far as I know she is in critical condition and half way between the emergency room and the intensive care unit. This is also the same thing my Grandfather(mums dad/Nannys husband) died from around 13 years ago. I wish I could be out by my Nannys side right now but she lives in Arizona and I live in Massachusetts. This has been the worst year of my life.
Grandpa-December 17, 2004
Katlyn-May 6, 2005
John-May 29, 2005
Rest In Peace all of you and I'll always love you.
And please give a prayer for my Nanny to get better and make it through this.


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